Can I wear a baby carrier to class?

Yes! We have several moms that wear baby carriers to class. We provide modifications for every fitness level and for baby carriers!

What should I bring to class?

All you need is a stroller with your kids securely buckled in, water, sunscreen, a mat or towel for abs, and yourself. You will be provided with tubes when you sign up as a member.

If you want, you can also bring toys, books, and snacks for your kids.

Do I need to keep my kids in the stroller?

For the duration of class, it's important that our little ones are either secure in a stroller or a baby carrier. This is for their safety and your peace of mind while you enjoy your workout.

What should I do if my child is crying?

If your child is crying at Stroller Strides, know that you aren't alone. From time to time all of the children get restless during class. Your instructors will try to maintain a fun atmosphere for your children with songs, games, and movement. You are also welcome to bring toys, coloring books, books, or snacks for your kiddo. Remember, this is an atmosphere where children are WELCOME (even crying children)! We all understand that from time to time, they have bad days.

When do we meet inside?

We will meet inside at Wedgwood Baptist Church or Hulen Mall when the temperature is above 95 degrees or below 45 degrees. We will also meet inside if it is raining.

On hot days, you can cool your child off by wrapping an ice pack in a towel or light blanket and placing it behind their back.

On cold days, you can dress them in layers as we dress ourselves.

Should I eat breakfast before I come to class?


What if I haven't worked out in years/ever?

We provide modifications for every fitness level and we would LOVE for you to come to class. Stroller Strides is for YOU!

Can dads come?

Yes! Your membership is for your WHOLE family.