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FIT4MOM Values

At FIT4MOM Fort Worth, we’ve always prided ourselves in providing a welcoming environment for moms in Fort Worth. However, the important and necessary racial reckoning over the last few years encouraged us to further examine our values, like Inclusivity and Belonging. We’ve been asking ourselves some honest questions: Do these values stand true in our business for those historically and repeatedly marginalized or only for those who already fit in? Is our community a safe place for those who feel othered in fitness spaces or mom gatherings? How have we allowed neutrality to take priority over inclusivity? What are we willing to do or not do in order to build an inclusive culture?

It became clear that we needed to invest time, money, and energy to make important, sustainable changes. With the help of Equity Coach, Dr. Sharla Horton-Williams, we are on a journey toward building a Village that reflects our FIT4MOM values through and through.

We are committed to this process in all of its messiness and discomfort. Thank you for your patience and grace as we work toward making our community a better place, one small step at a time.

In motherhood,

Becca and Sarah


The linchpin of motherhood and all life. We choose love over fear. We bring love to every class, interaction, and decision.


We motivate moms to achieve their ultimate potential, both physically and emotionally.


We take a stand to support and welcome all moms, regardless of race, religion, sexual affiliation, or age and stage of motherhood. Read more here.


We recognize the impact our words and behaviors have on others. We bring big, positive energy to our work and our communities.


As business owners, community leaders, and Moms, we believe in integrating our true selves into every aspect of life.


We model wellness, kindness, and generosity to our children, fellow moms, and communities.

Our pledge for racial equity, inclusion, and body liberation:

At FIT4MOM Fort Worth, we exist to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for all moms. We offer support, community, and wellness for every stage of motherhood and believe that all bodies are good bodies.

By focusing on anti-racism and inclusivity, we pledge to:

  1. Be accountable for the impact of our bias and inequity that our words and actions may have on others.
  2. Solicit feedback to discover and repair our own blind spots.
  3. Speak up to interrupt bias and microaggressions.
  4. Continue to educate ourselves on creating a welcoming space for all moms.
  5. Make decisions based on creating belonging for those historically marginalized.