Kathleen Romero

Kathleen joined Fit4Mom in the summer of 2014 and LOVED every single minute of it. In April of 2015, Kathleen became certified to teach Body Back as well as Boost. Kathleen is married to her wonderful husband, Ricardo and they have a beautiful daughter, named Mia. Mia is known for her long, dark hair! Really, it’s pretty long! Mia is expecting a little sister any time now and cannot wait. Kathleen graduated from nursing school almost 11 years ago, and helping people is one of her FAVORITE things in life. She is an oncology/hospice nurse. She works some weekends and stays home with her daughter (soon to be daughters) during the week. In her free time, if she’s not working out, she can be found curled up watching something on Netflix, drinking coffee, cooking, or spending time with the family.

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