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Community Partners

We are passionate about supporting local businesses! Show your FIT4MOM Fort Worth membership to our community partners to receive discounts.


Engage Your Wellness

One of our core (and personal favorite) services is one-on-one coaching. We offer a variety of wellness & nutrition consulting/coaching based on desired results. Health and Wellness isn’t a “one size fits all”, so we don’t take that approach…rather, we custom design a plan that’s perfect for YOU.

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First Spring Doula

Each year we look forward to spring; to the newness it promises, to life and rebirth. Each one awakening a new part of ourselves to be explored. As is the same with children. Each child that is brought into our families, brings with him the promise of something new. With each birth, we learn a new piece to ourselves that we didn't know existed before. With each birth, we are, ourselves, are reborn.


Fort Worth Infant Swim

Thousands of Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lessons occur every day worldwide as part of our commitment to prevent childhood drowning. The commitment we made to parents over 45 years ago, to reach the next child before he or she reaches the water alone, is honored daily to achieve our mission that Not One More Child Drowns.

Our experience, high safety standards and dedicated staff enable us to deliver the best instruction available in the world today. The result? Over 7 million safe and effective lessons delivered, to provide a foundation for safety and a lifetime of fun in and around the water for your child.


Live Untangled

Jody McQuery is a certified transitional life coach that helps people get unstuck and untangled in order to live a more fulfilling life.

The Live Untangled coaching program is based on the belief that we are each called to create our own life. We can experience a profound sense of purpose when we simply align our energy with our core values.


PoserKids Yoga

Yoga for any child, anytime, anywhere. Check out PoserKids on Amazon Prime Video!


Press Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Press is the simplest way to handle dry cleaning and laundry in Fort Worth. We take care of nearly all dry cleaning and every day laundry needs. We also offer free pickup and delivery, cashless payments and amazing customer service around the clock.


Studio of MoveMINT

We believe MoveMINT is a lifestyle and can be for everyone. We believe in community and sharing the joy of dance with others. We provide quality teaching and training in a safe, friendly, and creative environment.


Under The Hood Physical Therapy

A physical therapy haven specializing in the correction of symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as, those with the desire to improve their overall physical health. Our expertise covers a wide range of diagnoses from bladder/bowel control issues, pain during pregnancy, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, back pain - you name it! Please don't hesitate to give us a call, our passion is YOU.


Vertical Chiropractic

At Vertical Chiropractic, our mission is to serve God by empowering the Fort Worth community to reach and live life at their highest potential. We want to help entire families take action over their health by providing them with specific, scientific, neurologically-based chiropractic care. We use the most current techniques, advanced technology, ongoing education, and research to bring the very best in care to your entire family.